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Hyperpure polysilicon for the solar and semiconductor industries

High product quality and sustainable processes set WACKER POLYSILICON apart as a major technology driver.

The World’s Number 2 Polysilicon Producer

3 Production Sites

Winner of the 2014 Bavarian Energy Award

Cost and Quality Leader

Polysilicon is the key raw material for manufacturing solar cells, while its conductivity makes it essential for (micro)electronics. We have been producing hyperpure polysilicon on an industrial scale since 1959, initially for the semiconductor industry and, since 2000, increasingly for the photovoltaic sector.

As a result, we are a pioneer in this growth market and a leading global supplier.

Hyperpure and Cost-Effective – Giving You a Competitive Advantage

WACKER is constantly working to reduce production costs along the entire supply chain: by improving the efficiency of our deposition technology and increasing the performance of our reactors, we were able to reduce energy consumption for producing hyperpure polycrystalline silicon by 29%. This innovative process earned us the Bavarian Energy Award in 2014.

Global Demand for Hyperpure Polysilicon Is Growing

That’s Why We Expanded Our Production Capacities

Global demand for hyperpure polysilicon is growing. That’s why we expanded our production capacities. Alongside Burghausen and Nünchritz, we have been producing at our new site in Tennessee since 2016 – with the same high product quality as at our German sites.