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Whether it’s dispersions or dispersible polymer powders – our binders are in demand

WACKER POLYMERS offers you a leading technical portfolio of polymer binders and additives.

VAE Technology Underpinning the Global Success of WACKER POLYMERS

Market Leader in Dispersible Polymer Powders and VAE Dispersions

80 Years of VINNAPAS®

More Than 3,000 Formulations

50% Global Market Share in Dispersible Polymer Powders

40% Global Market Share in Dispersions

5 Sites Make up Our Integrated Production System

16 Technical Competence Centers

1,500 Employees Work at WACKER POLYMERS

Servicing Around 20 Application Fields

We’re not just the global market leader, we’re the only company capable of supplying dispersions and dispersible polymer powders to customers worldwide. VINNAPAS® is a truly bestselling brand. To date, we have supplied over three million metric tons of dispersible polymer powder all over the world.

Polymer Binders – Chemistry That Holds Our World Together

Our polymers are in most modern construction applications and have revolutionized the construction industry. Sustainable, high-quality construction materials are right on trend and we have created our product portfolio accordingly. Our binders form the basis for adhesives, ensure adhesion to facades or carpet backing, and bind pigments into paints. You can find more information under Products.

80 Years of Experience – and How It Benefits You

Our Integrated Ethylene Production System: Less Dependence on Raw-Material Suppliers, While Saving Energy and Resources

More than 3,000 application-specific formulations are developed by combining the raw material vinyl acetate monomer with other substances. We produce all the intermediates we need ourselves and byproducts are intelligently reused. This supply chain offers you production and cost benefits – and is unique on the market.

Support in Developing and Optimizing Formulations

Our tight-knit global network of technical competence centers means we are close by, wherever you are based. Our labs give you the space, support and expertise needed to develop and optimize formulations. No matter how big or small your project is, you can count on our teams drawn from the countries in question to support you from the very beginning and be on hand to advise you on your own journey to becoming a market leader.

We’ve Always Been an Industry Trailblazer

We’re constantly working to improve the quality and range of our products. Our binders are key components that make many of your innovations possible!

Always Open to New Ideas

Together with you, we take our product and process development to the next level. We’re currently promoting around 50 innovation projects.