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Solar Energy

As a leading manufacturer of polysilicon and a pioneer in silicones, WACKER has been an important partner of the solar industry since its beginning. Today the company offers the solar industry a portfolio of future-proof products along the entire solar value chain.

  • Outstanding purity (no other material in the world is produced on an industrial scale with this level of purity)
  • Certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHRIS and OHSAS
  • Complete spectrum of polysilicon products

Reliable and high-class components for a wide range of photovoltaic applications


  • Adhesion to typical substrates (glass, aluminum, Tedlar®, EVA, etc.)
  • Neutral crosslinking
  • Long-term resistance to weathering and UV
  • Easy processing


  • Adhesion to typical substrates
  • Very high transparency
  • Rapid curing
  • Long-term resistance to weathering and UV radiation
  • No yellowing


  • Low viscosity and rapid curing
  • Low modulus for reducing thermomechanical stress
  • Protection of bypass diodes against moisture penetration
  • Improved heat dissipation


  • Molding of SOG (silicone on glass) Fresnel lenses panels (primary optics)
  • Bonding of the secondary optical element to the solar cell
  • Effective heat management by bonding the solar chip to the heat sink unit
  • Glueing the primary optics and the back panel with the frame


  • Excellent adhesion to typical substrates (glass, aluminum, multiple junction cells, etc.)
  • Neutral crosslinking
  • Long-term resistance to weathering and UV
  • No yellowing
  • Easy processing and rapid curing
  • Outstanding heat resistance


  • Outstanding heat and weathering resistance
  • Long-term stability to UV radiation
  • Particularly suitable for applications involving harsh conditions

Schematic draw of a parabolic trough plant.

HELISOL® heat transfer fluids allow for a significant power block efficiency increase in large-scale applications and raise the temperature limit up to 425 °C. Moreover, HELISOL® heat transfer fluids have a significantly reduced hydrogen formation during operation compared to organic thermal oils.

Benefits of HELISOL® heat transfer fluids

  • Exceptional thermal stability
  • Highest max. working temperature: 425 °C
  • Very broad temperature range: -40 to 425 °C
  • Low pour point: < -40 °C
  • Lower hydrogen formation
  • Low fouling potential