Dual Study Programs at WACKER

Combine Theory and Practical Work

Select a practice-oriented course to match your personal capabilities. You attend a dual-education college where you cover the scientific content of the syllabus. During the three-month practical phases, you combine theoretical knowledge with practical solutions.

Wacker Chemie AG’s vocational and work-study programs include the following dual-education bachelor degree programs.

  • International Business
  • Information Systems and Management
  • Information Technology

We always publish the current program for the upcoming year in June. Simply fill out the online application form and upload your attachments (cover letter/personal statement, current report card, resumé and, if applicable, internship certificates). Your personal online login keeps us in contact and enables you to view and update your application, or to submit additional applications for other vocational training positions. We also email you updates about the current status of your application.


  • Please check your emails regularly (also spam)
  • Please do not use WACKER employee email addresses, e.g. your parent’s (...@wacker.com).
  • Please do not register more than once with different email addresses.
  • Before you submit an online application, please read our application tips.