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The WACKER ACADEMY Team of Instructors

Theoretical expertise and practical experience are the cornerstones of the WACKER ACADEMY team. With backgrounds in sales or technology, our experts come to the table with extensive application knowledge. They are also trained instructors and moderators with a sixth sense for current trends and market developments.

Personal Care Instructors

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Dr. Gerhard Beer

Dr. Gerhard Beer studied chemistry, writing his doctoral dissertation on physical-organic chemistry. Since 2001, he has held various positions at Wacker Chemie AG, in both R&D and application technology for personal care. He is currently in charge of the laboratory for hair care development and is the technical contact person for key account customers, and also for the EMEA region.

Anastasiia Efremova

Anastasia Efremova graduated from the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, department of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Technology. She joined WACKER in March 2018 as a Technical Manager SPC. She is responsible for technical support, lab testing, seminars & lab trainings for the Personal Care, Household and Pharma&Food customers in Russia and CIS region.

Dr. Ovidiu Feier-Iova

Dr. Ovidiu Feier-Iova: after completing his degree in chemistry and his doctoral thesis in organometallic chemistry at Heidelberg University, he occupied various posts at KAO Germany GmbH. Having previously worked as head of Research and Development at KMP Printtechnik AG, he has been working as technical manager and laboratory manager in WACKER’s Personal Care Applications sector since 2016. He is also the Technical Champion for WACKER Personal Care Applications in the EMEA region.

Sienna Gerdeman

Sienna is a Chemist for the Personal Care market segment. She is responsible for formulating personal care prototypes as well as application testing and providing technical support to customers in North America. Sienna holds a BSPS in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Designs with a Minor in Chemistry and Business Administration from the University of Toledo.

Chelsea Grimm

Starting at WACKER in 2015 after working at Ashland Chemical for seven years, Chelsea is currently a Chemist in the Personal Care market segment. She provides technical support to customers, production and Sales Managers, formulates products and prototypes for the personal care industry and does application testing for hair, skin and color cosmetics. Chelsea attended Marshall University in West Virginia where she received a BS in Chemistry.

Dr. Tassilo Habereder

Dr. Tassilo Habereder studied chemistry and wrote his PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry. Before he joined Wacker Chemie AG he had worked in various positions for Ciba Speciality Chemicals (now BASF). Since 2009, he has been working as technical manager and laboratory head for Personal Care applications at Wacker Chemie AG. Moreover he works as Global Technical Champion for Wacker Skin and Color Care applications.

Dr. Jörg Heinlein

Dr. Jörg Heinlein began work as technical service manager for effect pigments based on liquid crystalline polymers after his studies. Later on he was responsible for market development for optical film applications with liquid crystalline polymers. In 2011, he conducted as technical service manager for HDK fumed silica with focus on coatings and composites first trainings for WACKER SILICONES distribution partners. Since then, he has been part of the WACKER ACADEMY training team.

Armelle Henley

Jiang, Coral

Coral Jiang

Coral Jiang joined WACKER in 2016. As a senior technical engineer at WACKER (Guangzhou), she is responsible for technical service and support for personal care and household care in South China.

SeJong Kim

SeJong Kim joined Wacker Chemicals Korea in 2015 in silicones performance team team as a technical manager. He has 17 years of experience in silicone industry with various different industry like silicone polymer for chemical industry and consumer care, silicone monomer for photovoltaic application and precursor for semiconductor application as a researcher and business planner. He is now the technical manager for performance silicone at Wacker Chemicals Korea.

Lyu Wenjia

Wenjia Lyu

Wenjia Lyu is a technical engineer at WACKER Shanghai technical center, she is mainly responsible for technical service and support for personal care products in China, as well as developing new silicone applications in this field.

Christina Ong

Christina holds a Bachelor Degree with merit in Chemistry from National University of Singapore. Her area of expertise is in personal care industry. She joined WACKER in 2012, and is currently responsible for Consumer Care in the Southeast Asia region.

Steve Patton

Steve is the Technical Manager responsible for supporting Personal Care customers in the NCA region. He started with WACKER in 2005, and has previously held the roles of Chemist in the Home Care market segment, Process Chemist for silicone fluids and emulsions, and Production Supervisor for silicone rubber. Steve holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Dr. Claudius Schwarzwälder

Dr. Claudius Schwarzwälder studied chemistry and wrote his PhD thesis in physical chemistry. After the work as post doc at the University of Cambridge he worked as a cosmetic chemist in the R&D department of Beiersdorf AG. In 2001, he began work at WACKER`s Silicones Personal Care Team. As a technical marketing manager he conducted trainings for sales managers and distributors until 2009. He is marketing manager for the market segment Personal Care since 2009.

Yessica Zhang

Yessica Zhang joined WACKER in 2015. As a senior technical manager at the WACKER Shanghai technical center, she is in charge of technical service and support for personal care and household products in China, as well as for developing new silicone applications in these fields.

Seminars for Personal Care

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