Dubai/Lahore, Jan 19, 2017

The Munich-based WACKER Group is presenting innovative polymer and silicone products for challenging coatings and construction applications at this year’s Pakistan Coatings Show. For the first time in the region, WACKER shows the dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS for formulating low-odor and very-low-emission interior coatings with excellent per-formance and cost-in-use benefits. Further highlights are SILRES® BS silicone emulsions for water-repellent, yet vapor-permeable masonry coatings and VINNAPAS® dispersible powders and dis-persions for modern construction and coatings applications. Paki-stan Coatings Show takes place from January 19 to 21 in Lahore, Pakistan.

“It is now the second time for WACKER to showcase our technologies here in Pakistan, and this exhibition is a great opportunity for us to ex-plore further the market potentials in the Middle East”, said Cyril Cisinski, Managing Director of Wacker Chemicals Middle East. This year’s Paki-stan Coatings Show will see WACKER showcasing its comprehensive expertise in high-quality construction and coatings applications, under-pinned by a number of elaborate exhibits.

Binder for Eco-Friendly Interior Coatings
For the first time in Pakistan, WACKER presents VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS, a vinyl acetate and ethylene-based binder for flat to eggshell interior paints and plasters. The product offers very high scrub resistance and a better hiding power than standard acrylic systems at the same PVC (pigment volume concentration) level. The dispersion displays good coloracceptance and color consistency, even with difficult-to-formulate pigments. Due to its high stain resistance and good washability, the resulting paint film is easier to clean, without impairing the appearance of the paint. Its good workability and ease of application further minimize the down-time of a building.

The VAE dispersion enables the formulation of low-odor paints with a very low volatile organic compounds content (< 1 g/l). Due to the very low residual monomer content (< 200 ppm), it does not need organic solvents or coalescing agents to achieve optimum film formation. As it features very low formaldehyde (< 20 ppm), VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS complies with major international eco-labels and is ideal for places where low-emission paints are essential, including children’s rooms, hotels and public buildings, such as hospitals and schools.

Further WACKER product highlights at Pakistan Coatings Show:

  • SILRES® BS: Water Repellent but Vapor-Permeable

The products of the SILRES® BS portfolio are based on water-repellent silicone resins and silicone resin emulsions and offer building protection for decades. Silicone resins form an extremely stable and highly durable three-dimensional silicone resin network on mineral surfaces and within mineral-based coatings. The network repels water and moisture, but is permeable to water vapor inside the wall. This effect keeps the building structure dry and prevents wall damage and decay caused by moisture.

  • VINNAPAS® Technology for Modern Construction, Paint and Coatings Applications

Dispersible polymer powders and dispersion of the VINNAPAS® brand are binders based mainly on vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymers (VAE). Mortars modified with VINNAPAS® enable mortar formulations and applications with completely new characteristics and highly specified property profiles. As binders for interior and exterior paints, they combine an excellent cost/performance ratio with low environmental impact. This makes VINNAPAS® products particularly suitable for challenging paints, coatings and construction applications such as façade plasters, low-odor indoor paints, self-leveling compounds or tile adhesives for all kinds of tiles.

WACKER in Dubai
WACKER set up a local subsidiary (Wacker Chemicals Middle East) in Dubai back in 2000 and has been operating its own sales office there since then. A technical center has been available to regional customers and partners since 2002. In 2009, WACKER moved to the “Dubai Silicon Oasis” technology park: Spanning nearly 13,000 m2, the new location houses technical labs as well as the offices of WACKER’s subsidiary for the Middle East sales region. In spring 2010, WACKER further established a local branch of its international training and competence center, the WACKER ACADEMY, at its technical center Dubai. From Dubai, the subsidiary serves customers from the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and Africa.

Visit WACKER at REDA booth 59, 60, 62, 63 at the Pakistan Coating Show 2017.


SILRES silicone resin emulsion paint

SILRES silicone resin emulsion paint

Product test: an employee checks panels coated with VAE-based interior architectural paints drying on a rack. The VAE dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 3360 ULS enables the for-mulation of high-performance interior paints with reduced emissions.

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Product test: VINNAPAS® EP 3360

Product test: VINNAPAS® EP 3360

Product test: an employee checks panels coated with VAE-based interior archi-tectural paints drying on a rack. The new VAE dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 3360 enables the formulation of high-performance interior paints with reduced emissions.

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