Middle East Coatings Show 2018

Dubai, Mar 19, 2018

At the Middle East Coatings Show (MECS) 2018 in Dubai, WACKER will be showcasing different binders for water-, heat- and stain-resistant coatings for the first time in the region. The phenyl methyl silicone resin SILRES® REN70-M offers extreme thermal stability of up to 600 °C, making the product especially suitable for formulating coatings for industrial plants, engine parts, stoves or incinerators. Furthermore, WACKER will showcase a polymeric binder for formulating two-component water-repellent construction applications. In flexible waterproofing membranes such as sealing slurries, the hydrophobic VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion ensures excellent tensile adhesion strength after prolonged exposure to water. The PRIMIS® SAF 9000 dispersion has a special composition that is both oil-resistant and hydrophobic, making wall paints resistant to many different types of stains – from coffee and red wine to colored pencils. The Middle East Coatings Show will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from March 19 to 21, 2018.

Industrial Coatings for Resistance to Heat

SILRES® REN70-M is virtually free of aromatic solvents, thus providing an alternative to conventional binders for extremely heat- and weather-resistant industrial coatings. These kind of silicone resin binders are typically supplied as a solution in aromatic solvents such as xylene. Instead, SILRES® REN70-M uses 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate as a solvent, which is biodegradable.

SILRES® REN70-M offers the ideal combination of hardness and flexibility. As a binder in heat-resistant coatings it effectively protects metal surfaces from corrosion even at high operating temperatures or rapid temperature fluctuations. This makes SILRES® REN70-M ideally suited to use as a binder in coatings for industrial plants, pipework or engine parts. SILRES® REN70-M also provides the resistance needed for coatings on barbecues, chimneys, wood-burning stoves or gas-fired incinerators.

Polymeric Binders for Construction Applications

VINNAPAS® 760 ED is a terpolymer based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl ester that finds use as a hydrophobic binder in two-component waterproofing membranes such as sealing slurries. Together with ethylene, its vinyl neodecanoate component considerably increases the elasticity of the end product. As a result, the coating is more extensible and very flexible.

VINNAPAS® 760 ED ensures outstanding crack bridging, even at exceptionally low temperatures down to -20 °C. Additionally, it is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Sealing systems based on VINNAPAS® 760 ED thus achieve crack-bridging class O2 as per EN 14891. Thanks to the new dispersion, the end product bonds reliably and permanently to difficult substrates. VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion is thus ideal for the formulation of two-component sealing slurries used, for example, to waterproof indoor pools, bathrooms, as well as water pipes and sewers.

A special highlight of this year’s Middle East Coatings Show will be WACKER’s latest solutions for dirt-repellent treatments for an exceptionally wide range of surfaces. Due to its unique composition, the dispersion PRIMIS® SAF 9000 is both oil-resistant and hydrophobic, meaning it protects wall paints against many different types of stains – from coffee and red wine to colored pencils. Just adding 10–20 percent of the dispersion in relation to the main binder can make the difference for dirt simply to be wiped off the wall using a sponge.

Further WACKER product highlights at Middle East Coatings Show:

  • Alpha-Silane Technology to protect concrete floors
    For concrete and flowing-screed floors in high-traffic areas, the new SILRES® BS 6920 binder – a product based on the company’s alpha-silane technology – offers excellent stain protection and exceptional durability, yielding floors that are easy to care for with minimal cleaning effort.
  • Copolymer Resins for Sophisticated Digital Printing Inks
    When used in solvent-based ink-jet printing inks, the low-viscosity VINNOL® E 18/38 binder ensures excellent droplet formation and delivers high-resolution printed images, brilliant colors and faster printing speeds. It also offers excellent adhesion to numerous surfaces, making it ideal for printing on cables, packaging or large advertising banners.
  • Improved Rheology for Paints, Coatings and Adhesives
    The four specialty grades of its HDK® pyrogenic silica can be used for a variety of paint, coating and adhesive applications. The benefits of these silicas include improved rheology control in automotive clear coats and optimized mechanical properties in surface coatings and sealants. Plus, these products can be used as thickeners in two-component adhesives and fillers.
  • High Performance Tile Adhesives
    VINNAPAS® 8118 E is a semi-flexible terpolymer that combines flexibility, increased resistance to water, a long open time, good processing properties as well as excellent tensile adhesion strength after heat storage and immersion in water. This makes VINNAPAS® 8118 E ideal for formulating tile adhesives with different performance requirements (Classes C1, C2, S1 und S2).
  • VINNAPAS® Dispersible Polymer Powders for Dry Exterior Walls
    The semi-flexible dispersible polymer powder VINNAPAS® 4121 N offers improved adhesion to various surfaces such as polystyrene. Mortars modified with VINNAPAS® 4121 N thus adhere better to EPS panels or concrete, even under dry conditions.

WACKER in Dubai

WACKER set up a local subsidiary (Wacker Chemicals Middle East) in Dubai back in 2000 and has been operating its own sales office there since then. A technical center has been available to regional customers and partners since 2002. In 2009, WACKER moved to the “Dubai Silicon Oasis” technology park: Spanning nearly 13,000 m2, the new location houses technical labs as well as the offices of WACKER’s subsidiary for the Middle East sales region. In spring 2010, WACKER further established a local branch of its international training and competence center, the WACKER ACADEMY, at its technical center Dubai. From Dubai, the subsidiary serves customers from the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and Africa.

Visit WACKER at MECS 2018, Hall 2, Booth K04.




Outdoor weathering tests: The new VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion is ideal for flexible two-component sealing slurries for creating permanent, hard-wearing seals in damp rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for water pipes and sewers.

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SILRES® REN70-M is a highly heat-resistant binder, making it suitable for coating mufflers, engine parts, stoves or incinerators

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The new dispersion PRIMIS® SAF 9000 ensures permanently clean walls, as can be seen by a direct comparison – while the left-hand surface was painted with a conventional interior paint, the right-hand surface has been treated with a paint containing PRIMIS® SAF 9000: Even lipstick can be completely removed from the treated wall (right bottom), while the untreated surface still shows visible stains after cleaning (left bottom).

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