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Global Technical Expertise Locally

Take advantage of support by specialists

Whether for new applications, changing customer expectations, growing competition or new governmental regulations, nearly nearly all industries are forced to continuously optimize their products and processes today. This is why we have established a technical center in Dubai with extensive lab capacities for different industries.

Work with Seasoned Experts

The Dubai Technical Center was established in 2001 and accredited in 2007. It is a highly specialized, applications-focused lab, supporting customers from the Middle East and Africa. Our experts put their extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art test methods to work for you, developing value-adding products and formulations for various aspects of construction, paints and coatings.

Use Our Worldwide Experience

With our Technical Centers around the world, we work side-by-side with customers on new applications or to adapt products to regionally distinctive requirements. As the inventors of dispersible polymer powders, the leader in the market for polymer binders, and the holder of thousands of patents across sectors, WACKER can draw on a century of R&D and unparalleled applications consulting.

Product test with bitumen in technical center Dubai
Product test in technical center Dubai
Trainer at the technical center Dubai
Trainer at the technical center Dubai
Product test with coatings at technical center Dubai
Trainer at the technical center Dubai
Product test with tiles at technical center Dubai

Proven Testing for Greater Application Reliability

Does your product meet local requirements? Is it suitable for the specific climatic conditions? Does its formulation have to be adapted to the raw materials of the region?

A team of highly-trained specialists provides technical support, answers questions on formulations, provides training for customers’ technical personnel and cooperates closely with official standardization institutes.

Supporting standardization in the region

We started an innovative project together with Dubai Central Laboratories in Dubai to study how construction chemicals help make buildings more sustainable. Located in Dubai at the premises of DCL, this project aims to promote internationally recognized construction standards and techniques at a regional level, with an eye toward the broader picture of natural resource conservation and prolonged sustainability.

Learn more about the project

At WACKER, we not only offer you a wide range of state-of-the-art specialty products, but also the technical assistance to make your solutions work.


Adhesives are indispensable for many applications in construction. Our ISO 17025 certified adhesives lab performs tests on adhesives such as liquid resins, emulsions or dispersions. State-of-the-art test methods provide reliable results and are the basis for further customization and optimization.


The functionality of mortars and other cementitious systems is crucial to many construction tasks. We can help you optimize key properties of your products, adapt them to meet new customer requirements or reformulate them for new applications.


To meet the demands of the modern paints and coatings industry, products must offer high quality and performance while complying with strict environmental and safety standards. Mature markets may be saturated, but the architectural paint sector is still growing globally as paint consumption in emerging regions increases thanks to growing disposable incomes.


The engineering silicones’ lab is equipped to carry out developments for silicone elastomers. The main focus in the areas of application are insulator coatings, moldmaking and baking trays.


High quality, flexibility and reliability are standard for us. This is where our laboratory for adhesives and carpets in Dubai which opened in 2017 sets in. The polymers’ lab adopts the international standard to local needs and conditions.

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