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WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, will debut high-performance sealants and adhesives for the construction industry alongside polymer binders for waterproofing membranes and cementitious tile adhesives at INTERBUILD AFRICA 2018. One of the booth highlights is VINNAPAS® 760 ED, a water-repellent dispersion that can be used to manufacture flexible two-component waterproofing membranes. WACKER will also present VINNAPAS® 8118 E, a polymer powder for formulating cementitious tile adhesives that meet C1 and C2 standards (EN 12004). WACKER Silicones will be showcasing a general purpose acetoxy silicone sealant for industrial and do-it-yourself applications along with a water-based acrylic sealant suitable for building repair. INTERBUILD AFRICA takes place from August 15 to 18 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“South Africa is a market with tremendous growth potential for construction applications; we are working closely with our customers to invent formulations suitable for this region,” says Cyril Cisinski, managing director at WACKER Middle East & Africa. Furthermore, the launch of the mobile technical laboratory in Johannesburg last year has helped our customers test applications in real-time and to engage with our technical experts directly.

VINNAPAS® 760 ED is a terpolymer based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl ester that can be used as a hydrophobic binder in two-component waterproofing membranes such as sealing slurries. Together with ethylene, its vinyl esther component considerably increases the elasticity of the end product. As a result, the coating is more extensible and very flexible.

VINNAPAS® 760 ED ensures outstanding crack bridging, even at exceptionally low temperatures down to -20 °C. Additionally, it is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Sealing systems based on VINNAPAS® 760 ED thus achieve crack-bridging class O2 as per EN 14891. Thanks to the new dispersion, the end product bonds reliably and permanently to difficult substrates. VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion is ideal for the formulation of the two-component sealing slurries used, for example, to waterproof indoor pools and bathrooms as well as water pipes and sewers.

At INTERBUILD, WACKER will also present VINNAPAS® 8118 E, a terpolymer powder for cementitious tile adhesives based on a vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride-ethylene technology. Technical mortars modified with the product meet C1 and C2 standards (according to EN 12004), which means that they fulfill advanced requirements with respect to extended flexibility and water resistance. VINNAPAS® 8118 E combines a long open time with increased bond strength after water immersion and heat aging.

VINNAPAS® 8118 E covers a broad spectrum of tile adhesives. It is equally recommended for C1 adhesives with good performance after heat storage and for C2 adhesives with high water resistance. It also offers perfect transversal deformation for S1 and S2 tile adhesives.

WACKER will also showcase selected sealants for construction applications for the very first time in South Africa. WACKER® WN is a one-component, neutral-cure silicone for weatherproof applications. It is designed for interior as well as for exterior sealing applications. When used as an exterior sealant, it offers excellent weatherability, gunability and durability on alkaline substrates such as concrete and mortar. Interior applications include the sealing of curtain walls, aluminum panels and joints (enameled and otherwise). It can be applied between various substrates to form glass-glass, glass-concrete and aluminum-concrete seals, among others.

WACKER is also presenting silicone applications such as WACKER® GP and WACKER® PS. WACKER® GP is a general purpose acetoxy silicone sealant. It adheres to glass, tiles, ceramics and enamel as well as to impregnated, varnished or painted wood and selected plastics. WACKER® PS is a water-based acrylic sealant suitable for building repair and for internal and external cracks exposed to little or no movement. The sealant is paintable.





Outdoor weathering tests: The new VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion is ideal for flexible two-component sealing slurries for creating permanent, hard-wearing seals in damp rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for water pipes and sewers.

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Silicone Sealants

Silicone Sealants

The ready-to-use silicone sealants in the General Purpose (GP) and General Sanitary (GS) product lines offer excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates and are suitable for numerous high-quality construction applications.

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