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Technical Centers

Silicones R&D Center (COEE) in Pangyo and Polymers Technical Center in Anyang

We have two technical centers in Korea, one focuses on silicones and one on polymers. WACKER established the Center of Excellence Electronics (COEE) for silicone applications catering to the automotive and electronics market. Another aspect of the R&D efforts in Korea are silicones for release coatings, consumer care, and construction. The research team at the Technical Center in Anyang works on the development of polymer products, meeting the needs of the growing construction industries in South Korea, Southeast Asia and India.

Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc. successfully completed the integration and relocation of its Polymers Technical Center and Seoul headquarters in Pangyo Techno Valley in December 2011, launching silicone R&D center in March 2012.

The upgraded R&D center of Wacker Chemicals Korea inaugurates a new era of progress in the chemical industry. Occupying an area of more than 3,600 ㎡ in H-Square of Pangyo Techno Valley, the site houses sophisticated laboratories to facilitate research and development as well as training facilities for polymer and silicone chemicals to promote the transfer of knowledge to local customers and business partners.

Polymers Technical Center

Our experts at the Polymers Technical Center in Anyang develop new products specifically for the Korean market, but they also cater to the construction and paints and coatings industries in Southeast Asia and India. The research team tests existing customer formulations with dispersions and dispersible polymer powders from WACKER and develops completely new recipes, always keeping an eye on the market’s emerging needs.

WACKER faces an increasing demand for its high-quality binders, which are particularly needed in the constantly growing construction industries in South Korea, Southeast Asia and India. The goal of the Polymers Technical Center with its research and testing laboratories is to optimize technical support for customers, to improve productivity and product quality as well as to promote the substitution of alternative technologies.

Center of Excellence Electronics (COEE)

Many of the world’s leading electronics companies are in Asia. Located in the Pangyo Techno Valley, the Center of Excellence Electronics is geographically close to these companies and is thus able to develop and provide new products and tailored solutions in close collaboration with local customers. High-tech materials are in growing demand on both the Korean and the global market. At the COEE, consumer electronics, e-mobility and thermal interface management (TIM) solutions take top priority. Providing the right solution at the right time is of essence for these high-end markets.

At the COEE, a team of WACKER experts is working on silicones for the high-tech applications of the future. Among other projects, the chemists are developing coatings that are used in flexible displays that will allow screens to be foldable or even rolled up. They are also working on specialty silicones for e-mobility and TIM solutions. Promising on-going projects also include optical bonding in displays, mini LED and on-board chargers of electric vehicles.