Corona Pandemic: WACKER to Hold Virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting to Protect Participants’ Health

Munich, May 05, 2020

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Wacker Chemie AG has decided to hold a virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting this year, without the physical presence of its shareholders or their proxies.

The chemical company’s Supervisory Board approved an Executive Board resolution to that effect today. WACKER’s decision is based on a new legal provision that clears the way for virtual-only shareholders’ meetings. On March 19, WACKER had already announced that the event will be postponed until August 4, from the original date of May 20, 2020.

“WACKER’s top priority here is the participants’ health,” explains CEO Rudolf Staudigl. “As we don’t know when large events requiring attendance will be possible again, we did not want to risk having to postpone our Annual Shareholder’s Meeting a second time. It is very important to us that our shareholders can promptly exercise their right to ask questions and to vote”, adds Staudigl.

WACKER will publish its invitation to the virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in due course. The whole meeting will be livestreamed. Shareholders can submit their questions about agenda items beforehand. After registering by the time specified, they will be able to exercise their voting rights in advance, either in writing or by granting power of attorney to the proxies appointed by WACKER. Both voting forms (in writing or by proxy) will also be available online during the event. The official invitation will provide further details.


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