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Are you looking for fresh horizons? Welcome to the WACKER ACADEMY. Where you can meet and swap experiences with colleagues from similar areas and industries. Experience training that is perfectly matched to your needs. Take courses that, along with an in-depth grasp of theory, give you a thorough practical understanding. Take advantage of our experts’ inspirational know-how to boost your own success. And look forward to WACKER ACADEMY Learning, our new online platform that makes it even easier for you to participate.

For Thinkers and Practitioners

For Professionals and Everyone Who Wants to Improve Themselves

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Plenty of Good Reasons to Choose the WACKER ACADEMY

Knowledge is the engine driving progress and development. Knowledge grows. It changes the world and offers all of us new opportunities and prospects. If we share it. This is the clear guiding principle behind the WACKER ACADEMY.

The WACKER ACADEMY is the forum created by a leading chemical company with over a century’s experience. Its aim is to promote in-depth dialog and real inspiration. Expect fascinating debates and direct sharing of expertise among equals. Moreover, the training content is perfectly tailored to your needs and subjects, from lab-based and product training through to events. In fact, your own applications, products and solutions can be used as training material in our labs – tailored precisely to you and your needs. We work with you to find concrete answers and ideas for your market. Clearly conveyed by expert trainers, who receive continuous further education within the “train the trainer” programs, through to certification by TUeV - the German technical inspectorate.

Welcome to the WACKER ACADEMY.


Get to know our global network of experts and in-house specialists. Experience online or on-site training that combines theory and practice, and benefit from sharing ideas and views with your peers.

Service Near You

Wherever you are. The WACKER ACADEMY is there.

If you want to expand your horizons in the easiest way possible. There’s a WACKER ACADEMY close by: pick one from a total of 14 WACKER ACADEMIES around the world. Choose from over 800 events per year. Be one of 7,500 successful participants. And enjoy learning from the experience of our 420 experts, conveyed in your own native language. Make contact now personally with your local WACKER ACADEMY.

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What You Can Expect from Us

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You Will Learn To Understand and Deploy Products Better

Many of our chemical products quite naturally need some explanation. At WACKER ACADEMY, you will learn about our products and their advantages in detail.


Your Requirements Count

Your needs are the yardstick. Receive support from guest speakers and experts, book introductory training for your new recruits, benefit from inspirational ideation workshops, and much more. By familiarizing ourselves with your specific demands, we can work together with you to develop innovative solutions.

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Where the Future Is Shaped

The experts at WACKER ACADEMY give you detailed information about technologies and the resulting products, but also your diverse range of applications. And that's not all: We use our know-how to advise experts at universities, associations, thereby helping to set the standards of the future. And that is in your interests, too.


Your Networking Platform Is Here

The WACKER ACADEMY offers you the perfect platform for sharing industry-specific knowledge and intensive network. It has long been a global network, bringing together customers, sales partners and WACKER experts. And is thus a forum where even the best can become even better.


City of the Future

What if exterior walls scarcely aged in the future? An architect’s dream has become reality – thanks to WACKER binders. Innovative coating systems make exterior walls weather resistant, dirt repellent and impact resistant. Exterior walls remain brightly colored for years.


Reaching Ever Greater Heights On the Quality and Safety Front

Urbanization is moving forward at an unprecedented rate. Where are all the new city dwellers supposed to live? If we hope to avoid more urban sprawl, our cities will have to grow taller in the future.


Shorter Construction Periods Using Less Concrete

More people than ever before will be moving to cities in the decades to come. But where will the vast sums of money come from for new roads, bridges and tunnels? Innovative technologies from WACKER make infrastructure projects more efficient by reducing construction time and saving resources.


Building for Greater Sustainability; Lowering VOC Values

Digitalization means that even more of our lives will play out in enclosed spaces. Offices and homes will no longer be judged solely in terms of functionality and aesthetics – air quality will be a major factor too. So it’s good to know that you can already achieve massive reductions in emissions from paints and adhesives by using WACKER binders.


More Effective Coatings; Maintaining an Attractive Look

What if exterior walls scarcely aged in the future? An architect’s dream has become reality – thanks to WACKER binders. Innovative coating systems make exterior walls weather resistant, dirt repellent and impact resistant. Exterior walls remain brightly colored for years.

WACKER Square App

WACKER Square App

Our app offers access to documents for WACKER ACADEMY seminars as well as WACKER’s entire media catalog in one place, from product brochures to videos and podcasts as well as the newest edition of the WACKER Magazine (WWW). It’s clearly structured, easily accessible, always up to date and also available offline.

Find out more Download the app Our special web page contains more information on the WACKER Square App