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GMP Cell Banking

Wacker Biotech holds certificates from the relevant authorities for its GMP-compliant production of cell banks. Our GMP facility in Jena provides a complete range of services for the manufacture, testing and storage of cell banks. Second storage site is available in Halle.

  • Manufacturing of 250 – 300 vials / batch
  • Separate compartment dedicated to GMP cell bank manufacturing only
  • Dedicated storage room for GMP cell banks
  • Long-term storage in -196 °C

Examples for release testing of the GMP cell banks:

  • Optical density: OD600
  • Purity: microbial contamination (bacteria, yeasts, molds)
  • Bacteriophages by plaque assay
  • Viability: living cell count
  • Host strain identity: e.g. API20E (E. coli species) and strain-specific marker
  • Plasmid identity: restriction pattern
  • Expression test: SDS-PAGE and Coomassie staining

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