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Technical center launched in India

The demand for customized tile adhesive solutions is on the rise in India

WACKER has strengthened its presence in India by opening a technical center in Bengaluru. “The Bengaluru technical center is another important milestone in our growth strategy for India,” said Andreas Collignon, head of Construction Polymers at WACKER. He added that the objective was to meet the individual needs of customers locally – especially in South India – and to support and test new applications. “Our technical center sets new standards for service, consulting and knowledge transfer, enabling us to offer our customers and partners considerable added value,” explained the head of WACKER India, Anand Gopaladesikan, during the official opening ceremony. “Our goal is to contribute to the accelerated development of the tile adhesives market in India.”

A recent study forecasts that India is set to become the world’s third largest construction market by 2025. Some 11.5 million houses will be built there every year. Demand for construction products and applications catering to the Indian market is rising at a correspondingly fast rate.

TC India

The technical center in Bengaluru specializes in the development of customized tile-adhesive applications.

Adhesive strength and flexibility are vital for tile-adhesive formulations. WACKER’s polymeric binders improve how tiles adhere to the substrate, make the adhesive highly water-resistant and extremely easy to process, while permitting flexibility within the adhesive – an effective way of preventing cracks and fractures. What is more, formulations containing WACKER dispersible polymer permit the use of special installation techniques, known as thin-bed technology. This makes significant savings possible in terms of raw materials, such as cement or sand.

The new technical center in Bengaluru is WACKER’s third such facility in India, after Mumbai and Kolkata. Like its counterpart in Mumbai, the new technical center in Bengaluru adjoins a WACKER ACADEMY training center, the purpose of which is to intensify knowledge transfer in the local market. WACKER ACADEMY courses cater to the specific needs of India’s construction-chemicals industry.