Oct 01, 2018 Read time: approx. MinutesMinute

Coldplasmatech Receives German Innovation Prize

Startup processes medical silicones from WACKER

Coldplasmatech, a company based in Greifswald, northeastern Germany, that works with WACKER’s SILPURAN® range of silicones for medical applications, has won the 2018 German Innovation Prize in the startups category. The competition is an initiative set up by Accenture, Daimler, EnBW and “Wirtschaftswoche” magazine. It is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Coldplasmatech has developed an innovative wound treatment process using cold plasma. It has long been widely known that cold plasma can sterilize wounds and promote healing. Even multi-resistant bacteria that fail to respond to antibiotics are destroyed on contact with the electrically charged gas.

To date, applications involved devices the size of a thick ball point pen that were only suitable for small wounds. Coldplasmatech researchers from Greifswald have now developed devices that work with large silicone dressings and are suitable for treating equally large wounds (bedsores occurring in bedridden patients).

We reported on Coldplasmatech’s development work in our 1/15 issue of WWW.

Employees producing plasma devices

Production of plasma devices for accelerating wound healing at Coldplasmatech. The large silicone dressing can be seen in the center.