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Automotive & Transport Silicone Chemistry in Bonding

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This seminar will introduce you to fundamental silicone chemistry and to WACKER specialty products for bonding applications. Optical bonding with LUMISIL® and adhesives based on SEMICOSIL® UV will be covered as well.


Basic knowledge of chemistry/electronic components



  • General overview of silicone chemistry
  • Case Study I: optical bonding
  • Case study II: assembly adhesives in automotive applications
  • Introduction to the WACKER portfolio


Lab training on test methods

Seminar language

English, Korean

Seminar objectives

Organic materials such as acrylates, urethane, epoxy, etc. continue to dominate the field of optical bonding, and customers are unfamiliar with the use of silicones in electronics applications. The aim of this seminar is to familiarize customers with silicone technology.

Target audience

Technical and managerial employees in applications technology and R&D who work with displays in automotive, IT and consumer electronics applications

Fee (includes value-added tax)


Number of participants

5 - 20


Seung-A Lee

Seung-A Lee joined WACKER in 2014 in the CoEE (Center of Excellence Electronics) and has 18 years of experience in electronic materials R&D. From 2014 to 2018 she developed optical bonding materials for sectors such as automotive and consumer electronics. She is now the technical manager for Consumer Electronics.


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