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Construction Materials Long-Term Durability and Quality of CTAs (Ceramic Tile Adhesives), and the Impact of Stress on Ceramic Tile

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This course will focus on the long-term durability and quality of polymer binders in ceramic tile adhesives, and on their ability to protect against the impact of stress on ceramic tile. The seminar provides in-depth knowledge, compares non-modified and modified CTAs, and provides information on the differences between KS, ISO and ANSI standards.


An interest in trends in high-quality CTAs and polymer technology



  • Introduction to WACKER
  • Introduction to European tile trends and high-quality CTAs
  • Comparison test between non-modified and modified CTAs
  • Comparison between KS, ISO and ANSI standards

Seminar language


Seminar objectives

High-quality CTAs are part of a global market trend toward high-end ceramic tiles, and this makes flexibility a key consideration. Chamber and impact testing will demonstrate why flexibility is an important property for ceramic tile adhesives. As the global leader for high-quality polymer binders, WACKER POLYMERS has developed a class of optimized binders, whose characteristics include outstanding leveling properties.

Target audience

Technical and managerial employees from applications technology and R&D departments of construction and engineering companies in the dry-mix mortar-industry

Number of participants



Il-Joon Choi

Before joining WACKER in 2013, Il-Joon Choi worked as a technical and sales manager in the construction industry for 9 years. Il-Joon Choi is a technical manger for construction dispersions and polymer powders at the WACKER Seoul technical center. In addition to dry-mix mortars, he also has extensive experience in infrastructure and concrete. Since 2018, he has worked on new concrete business development in the Asia region.


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