Get Ahead, Don’t Stagnate!

WACKER’s Innovations Are Not Limited to Labs

We support independent thinking and an interest in improving things. WACKER matches your enthusiasm with diverse opportunities to discover and advance your potential and leverage your development options.

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We Welcome and Cultivate Personal Initiative

For example, we provide:

  • An extensive program of advanced courses, coupled with seminars on technical, managerial, personal and people skills
  • External seminars, plus financial assistance and the leave you need to take part
  • The chance to take a university degree – either full-time or alongside work; with WACKER granting you time-off and financial support
  • Knowledge management – to support you amid changes by encouraging the transfer and retention of knowledge
  • Idea management – so that your improvement ideas are recognized
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Identifying Talent and Leveraging Potential

The key is that you move ahead in your own career while helping others make progress. To achieve this, WACKER has developed a new talent management process – for today’s and tomorrow’s personnel challenges. The aim is to identify and cultivate employee potential across the Group at an early stage.

At WACKER, We Do Our Best to Identify and Cultivate Your Strengths

Employees with potential become visible not only in their own units/functions, but across the Group, enabling us to provide targeted preparation for future responsibilities. By leveraging our employees’ abilities and skills, talent management strengthens WACKER’s innovative and competitive edge, while helping us face challenges such as demographic change.

Targeted, needs-oriented development is one important aspect. Another is an open feedback culture. At least once a year, employees and supervisors agree on individual development measures during performance reviews.

You Get Ahead with Us – Thanks to Targeted Support

At WACKER, you can chart your own career path, including steering it to other departments or functional areas within the company. We help you upgrade your own qualifications through in-house job openings and cross-site job rotation.

We identify and specifically develop your strengths not only through talent management, but also with individual coaching and our mentoring program.

Furthermore, we offer individual development and networking programs, which we're continuously improving and developing.

WACKER has the just right career for you!

Our Team to Support Your Career

We are here to help you.