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Experience a new way to discover WACKER

Our app offers access to WACKER’s entire media catalog, categorized by product group and application. It’s clearly structured, easily accessible and always up to date. Browse through our brochures, watch videos or get inspired by our podcast episodes – also offline and thus always available.

From the overview, you can navigate to any media item you want in just a few clicks. Use “My Square” to quickly call up your favorites and take advantage of the bookmark function, which allows you to jump to the desired area of the app with just one click. You can add notes or comments to our brochures and easily share interesting media with others.

WACKER Square – the New Media App

WACKER Square functions at a glance:

  • Media overviews and individual media items, structured by Product Groups, Applications, Brands and “About WACKER”
  • MySquare: personalized media collection
  • Ordering function “MyOrders”
  • The latest media available for retrieval
  • Selected media can be accessed offline
  • Bookmark function
  • Sharing function
  • Integrated QR scanner
  • Connected AR scanner
  • Keyword searching
  • Available in various languages
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Exciting content thanks to the latest AR technology

WACKER Square AR enables you to link this app to the new augmented reality function. AR adds a new dimension to WACKER Square. Enter into a whole new world of exceptional chemistry.

AR combines online and offline experiences in remarkable ways. The [AR+] symbol in our brochures and flyers provides information about digital content made visible when using the Square AR app. By clicking on web links or returning to WACKER Square you can access additional information about our products with comfort and ease. You can select extra media to download directly for use later or simply order a printed copy to your home.

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User Guide

  • Open WACKER Square on your mobile device
  • Switch to the AR scanner
  • Scan the AR image
  • Plenty of surprises await you

WACKER Square AR Functions at a Glance

  • AR camera functionality
  • Interface to WACKER Square
  • Quick links to the web for enhanced extras
  • 3D animations, videos and sounds in AR

The WACKER Calendar with Augmented Reality

Examples of exciting augmented reality content can also be found in our WACKER calendars for 2019 and 2018.

Stickers for the iPhone Messenger (iMessage)

Stickers, emojis and smileys are the perfect way to communicate online without the use of words. iPhone users can enjoy new WACKER Square stickers that automatically become available in iMessage after installing the WACKER Square app.


Experience Chemistry beyond just Three States of Matter

WACKER now offers a diverse range of stickers for iPhone messenger with expressions to enhance every chat. Whether with the cautious gas flame, the funny chemistry professor or the confused flask – the new WACKER Square stickers add wit and personality to your messages.

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WACKER Square app

Download the WACKER Square app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store!

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