Middle East Coatings Show 2019

Dubai, Feb 13, 2019

At the Middle East Coatings Show (MECS), WACKER will be introducing its sustainable construction solutions project “Model Houses” through a virtual reality app to promote industry standardization of construction paints and chemicals. WACKER’s model houses – a collaboration with Dubai Central Laboratories – demonstrate sustainable construction solutions for the Middle East. Located in Dubai at the premises of DCL, this project aims to promote internationally recognized construction standards and techniques at a regional level, with an eye toward the broader picture of natural resource conservation and prolonged sustainability.

“Our aim is to deliver sustainable building solutions to the industry and pioneer regional standardization of these best practices. As a leader in producing construction chemicals, we believe it is our responsibility to push forward to set standards, ensuring highest quality of construction materials, enabling delivery of tomorrow’s solutions today, and as well as creating a safer environment, proving our commitment to consumer-friendly and energy saving buildings in the region” added Mr. Cyril Cisinski, MD, Wacker Chemicals Middle East.

The model house featuring an External Insulation & Finishing System (EIFS) provides a stark contrast to the non-EIFS house, both in terms of energy efficiency and the high level of comfort achieved without needing an air-conditioning system, thus reducing the carbon footprint. For instance, the results from the project indicate 50% less energy consumption and 64% reduction in carbon dioxide emission through EIFS compared to the non-insulated model. Furthermore, the thin bed tile adhesive application method put to test with modified cement has proven 55% less tile adhesive usage compared to the conventional thick bed method.

The interior paint, based on WACKER’s VAE technology, has a very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content compared to conventional paints. Results obtained from the project also indicates seven times lower VOC with VAE technology compared to paints based on styrene acrylic.

WACKER’s exterior SREP® technology (Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint) demonstrates excellent water repellency, dirt repellency and breathability for durable and aesthetically pleasing facades, thus far the results have shown approximately 25% less dirt-pick with this technology. SREP® technology further reduces maintenance costs in the long run and saves energy.

WACKER® WN – WEATHERSEAL NEUTRAL is a one-part neutral silicone sealant which exhibits good adhesion on exterior joints and displays outstanding weather resistance and durability.

WACKER is also exhibiting other products applicable to the region during MECS, such as

  • VINNEVA®, WACKER’s new product line for bitumen coatings: VINNEVA® polymer binders enhance the properties of bitumen-based building coatings and ensure that they adhere excellently to concrete, brick and cement. VINNEVA®-modified bitumen protects roofs and basements particularly well from the ingress of water.
  • VINNAPAS® 760 ED, a dispersion which acts as a binder for formulating flexible waterproofing membranes. It ensures considerable tensile adhesive strength after long-term exposure to water and outstanding crack-bridging ability even at low temperatures. In addition to this, it has excellent processing properties. These qualities make it ideal for use in waterproofing systems for indoor pools, basements and bathrooms.
  • SILRES® (Silicone Resins for Heat-resistant Paints). Silicone resins resist temperatures up to +350 °C, and in formulations with suitable fillers and pigments, even up to +650 °C. They offer outstanding heat and weathering resistance, as well as durability under extreme temperature variation in addition to long lasting corrosion protection.

WACKER offers a broad range of products: water-borne and solvent-borne as well as solids for powder coatings, thus delivering many sustainable solutions for coatings and construction applications.

WACKER in Dubai

WACKER set up its local subsidiary Wacker Chemicals Middle East in Dubai back in 2000 and has been operating its own sales office there since then. A technical center has been available to regional customers and partners since 2002. In 2009, WACKER moved to the “Dubai Silicon Oasis” technology park. Spanning nearly 13,000 m2, the new location houses technical labs as well as the offices of WACKER’s subsidiary for the Middle East sales region. In spring 2010, WACKER further established a local branch of its international training and competence center, the WACKER ACADEMY, at its technical center Dubai. From Dubai, the subsidiary serves customers in Middle East and Africa.

Visit WACKER at MECS 2019, Hall 06, Booth E11


Liquid bitumen concrete surface

Liquid bitumen concrete surface

Coating a concrete surface with liquid bitumen

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Model house DCL

Model house DCL

Above shown is an illustration of the model house which has been placed at DCL premises.

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Outdoor weathering tests: The new VINNAPAS® 760 ED dispersion is ideal for flexible two-component sealing slurries for creating permanent, hard-wearing seals in damp rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for water pipes and sewers.

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