WACKER Brazil: Together, We Can Do More!

São Paulo, Jun 01, 2018

WACKER Brazil volunteers support the “JUNTOS SOMOS +” (“together, we can do more”) program with its diverse projects to instill hope in local children and young people.

WACKER Brazil volunteers support the “JUNTOS SOMOS +” (“together, we can do more”) program
A highlight for children and young people: WACKER Brazil’s volunteers like to host big parties.

The 25 WACKER volunteers focus on the following aspects: dignity, respect, sustainability, inclusion in society, and an improved quality of life. Our colleagues contribute time and donations, with WACKER providing financial aid to some of the projects.

Project examples:

  • WACKER Brazil supports “Fazendo Acontecer,” an initiative for promoting the development of entrepreneurial skills among young people aged 10 to 18.
  • A training project is aimed at stimulating young people’s interest in education.
  • The Eye Health Project provides medical eye care for disadvantaged children. An ophthalmologist evaluates the children’s sight and they receive glasses if needed.
  • The team of helpers invited 100 students to a “Children’s Day” with a big party held at the APAMI School.
  • WACKER volunteers also organized a Christmas event for 44 children with disabilities from the Amigos da Criança association.
  • As part of “Pull Together,” an initiative benefiting the APAMI School and Amigos da Criança association, volunteers repair electrical appliances, and clean and service broken and dirty equipment.
  • The team of helpers initiates collections of children’s books for aid organizations.
  • WACKER Brazil’s volunteers arrange tastings for children to try different foods.

“The project allows us to experience another reality by sharing in the joy and aspirations of other communities and, above all, learning the real meaning of the word solidarity,” explains Fernanda Rodrigues, a sales manager from the team of helpers. Our colleagues are enthusiastically starting their next projects and welcome every additional helping hand.


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