India: WACKER offers free medical care to the needy

Ludhiana/Punjab , Mar 21, 2018

In cooperation with partners, WACKER once again organized a free Health Camp in India, providing medical care including blood tests, sight tests, cardiograms and cataract operations.

WACKER once again offered a Health Camp including free sight tests to the needy in Punjab, Northern India.

This winter, some 340 people from the predominantly rural area around Ludhiana in Northern Punjab took advantage of the free health care and sight tests offered by Wacker Metroark Chemicals (WMC) in partnership with their textile distributor H&K Chemicals and Dr. Lal pathology labs.

Health Camp doctors provided a number of medical services: Nineteen people had cataract operations and 106 pairs of glasses were donated to improve the vision of appreciative patients.

The Health Camp is to be held at least once a year in future. Last year, WACKER organized a Health Camp in East, West and Northern India, respectively. “We are also preparing a Camp in South India to extend our help needy people across the whole country,” announced WMC Managing Director Soumitra Mukherjee. “We want our initiative to support the health of the people who form the backbone of our country.”


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