WACKER Nünchritz Gains Environmental Certification

Nuenchritz, Mar 08, 2018

Saxony's Environmental Alliance has recognized WACKER’s Nünchritz site as one of the initiative’s key partners with a certification valid until 2021. WACKER joined the Saxony-based partnership in 2000. It now has 150 member companies.

For two decades the partnership between Saxony’s government, business, agriculture and forestry has championed innovative ways of taking responsibility for natural resources. Joining the organization means a voluntary commitment to verifying various certifications such as for the Integrated Management System and energy management system.

Every two years Saxony’s Environmental Management Conference is held under the umbrella of the Environmental Alliance. The Alliance also presents an environmental award every other year. The Environmental Alliance’s advisory board sets out focus topics and targets in areas such as waste and CO2 reduction so that these can then be discussed and promoted in business chambers, professional associations and at events.

Saxony's Environmental Alliance also works with the German Chemical Industry Association as an important link between politics and industry. The Association views the environmental alliances of different federal states as a component of its work toward sustainability, which also includes initiatives like Responsible Care® and Chemie³.


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