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Nothing But the Best for Babies

Sneezing, snorting, squeaking – the perfectly normal breathing sounds produced by a healthy baby make for an interesting concert indeed. But sometimes little ones need some support. The high-tech equipment and sophisticated materials of modern medical technology are helping babies breathe easier and parents sleep more soundly. Perfectly suited to these highly sensitive, complex applications, SILPURAN® silicone elastomers are produced using a reliable, high-quality injection-molding process in machines like the SilcoSet from KraussMaffei.

SILPURAN® – a Pure Silicone Elastomer for the Future

  • Integrated, in-house raw-materials system maximizes quality and ensures traceability
  • Investment in research and development far exceeds the global chemical-industry average
  • Safety guaranteed by biocompatibility certification
  • Reliable application characteristics, such as biodurability, ease of sterilization and chemical stability
  • Product specifications guaranteed to remain constant over the long term
  • Contains only precisely defined materials: siloxanes, silica, crosslinkers and catalysts. No organic plasticizers are added

The WACKER CLEAN OPERATIONS standard ensures that no contaminants are introduced during production:

  • Select GMP principles
  • Fine filtration (50 µm, where technically feasible)
  • Filling/packaging in cleanroom (class 8 as per DIN EN ISO 146444)