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The opening of the new WACKER Square Room, which WACKER ACADEMY uses for its training and professional development program, sets new standards for service, consulting and knowledge transfer.

On Your Side: WACKER ACADEMY Southeast Asia

Over just a few decades, Singapore has successfully made the leap from an emerging economy to one of the most modern, prosperous societies in the world. Southeast Asia as a whole, however, remains a developing region that we aim to tap into by working closely with our customers and distributors. One example of these efforts is the food lab that we started up in 2017 to develop innovative products in the rapidly growing market for nutritional solutions. Participants in our training and professional development programs benefit from investments like these as well.

While WACKER ACADEMY Singapore was established in 2010 with a focus on the fields explored at local technical centers (silicones and polymers for the construction industry; silicones, elastomers, food, industrial coatings), its seminars are always designed with an eye to the latest customer needs and market demands.

The WACKER Square Room

An especially interesting feature for seminar participants is the WACKER Square Room – the world’s first showroom that not only presents real-world examples of applications, but also makes use of a full range of communication tools, including innovative technologies such as augmented and mixed reality.

The room is also available to WACKER ACADEMY, providing us with an even better, more powerful way of showcasing the industries and sectors that can put our products to use.

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In addition, a facility known as antechnical center has been in Jakarta since 2017. In its showroom for construction applications and adhesives, our engineers demonstrate how powerful our products are – and guests are absolutely welcome to try them out for themselves!

Our customers appreciate how the theoretical instruction offered in our training rooms is combined with practical exercises conducted in our technical centers. Construction seminars, in which participants learn about topics in silicone and polymer chemistry, are particularly popular. The global network of WACKER ACADEMIES fosters dialog between experts and colleagues, and our seminars benefit from that dialog, helping customers develop an understanding of how our products can be used in applications and formulations. Internal workshops within our Train-the-Trainer program keep our WACKER ACADEMY instructors continuously up to date on modern training methods.

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Courses focusing on specific topics

  • Polymers and silicones for the construction industry
  • Polymers and silicones for industrial coatings
  • Silicones for elastomers and plastics
  • Biopolymers for the food industry

Training formats

  • Theoretical and practical classroom training
  • Individual courses given at the customer’s premises
  • Organization of symposiums and groups of experts

Seminars in Southeast Asia (Singapore)

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Fundamentals of Dry-Mix Mortars

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This seminar will introduce VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders and their benefits in dry-mix mortars. Course content also includes the main applications of VINNAPAS®polymer powders and corresponding test methods.

Upon request

Fundamentals of Polymer Binders

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This seminar provides an introduction to polymer chemistry, describing the functions and applications of VINNAPAS® and the uses of dispersible polymer powders in mortars.

Upon request

Importance of Polymer Binders in Tile Adhesives and Tile Grouts

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This course will introduce participants to the advantages of polymer-modified cementitious tile adhesives

Upon request

Silicones in Hair Care

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This seminar will introduce participants to the significance of silicone chemistry and to the mode of action of silicones in hair-care applications

Upon request

Silicones in Masonry Protection

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This course provides an introduction to the significance of silicone chemistry and to the mode of action of silicones in the construction industry

Upon request

Silicones in Textile Finishing

Southeast Asia (Singapore) Instructor-led training

This course will provide an introduction to the significance of silicone chemistry and the mechanisms by which silicones help create different finishing effects.

Upon request

WACKER ACADEMY Southeast Asia will interest you if

  • You and your employees want to learn about our products and applications in detail
  • You would like training for new employees
  • You’re looking for new solutions to meet market demands
  • You’re interested in training going beyond chemistry

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