Demand for disposable nonwoven wipes is growing from year to year. The spread of the corona pandemic in recent weeks and months has further increased the demand for these convenient, safe and easy-to-use products.

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WACKER participates in the wipes market through its line of VINNAPAS® dispersions, which serve in the production of both wet wipes for personal hygiene, such as baby wipes, and dry wipes. These can be used in a wide range of household and industrial applications, and in combination with commercial disinfectant sprays, to clean and sanitize surfaces.

VINNAPAS® is WACKER’s brand name for a versatile range of polymer-based dispersions, powders and resins that are used to improve the properties and performance of products in a wide range of industries. The portfolio has been continually improved and optimized since the 1950s.

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WACKER’s line of VINNAPAS® dispersions is used to consolidate fibers into nonwoven substrates that are subsequently converted into disposable wipes. They hold the fibers together and give the wipes special properties. For example, the binders ensure that the wipes do not tear even under tension and give them a soft to medium-stiff hand, as desired. In addition, VINNAPAS® dispersions provide high fluid retention and are safe for skin contact.

WACKER dispersions, dispersible powders and solid resins are based on vinyl acetate. The raw material vinyl acetate monomer, in combination with other substances, such as ethylene, is the basis of many applications-specific formulations for our customers around the world. VINNAPAS® grades are also available as VINNAPAS® eco grades, which are based on renewable resources.

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Wiping surface with tissue

VINNAPAS® dispersions give dry and wet wipes the right properties.