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Electronic Control (ECU) & Power Conversion Units (PCU)

ECUs and PCUs face many challenges. WACKER’s wide portfolio of silicones offers the solution. Besides protecting the electronics, they provide functional safety and thermal management, while being efficient to process and manufacture. Our silicones meet the power-conversion industry's demands for efficient thermal management and heat resistance. Our latest adhesives feature quick adhesion build-up with minimum energy input (< 10 min at 60 – 80 °C) and special grades even enable oven-free processing.


  • Low modulus over a wide temperature range
  • Reduction of mechanical and thermal stress
  • Highly reliable at temperatures between -90 °C and over 200 °C (special grades up to 230 °C)
  • Assist in the dissipation of heat (thermal management)
  • Thermally conductive adhesives, encapsulants and gap fillers all assist in the dissipation of heat
  • Low-energy curing, rapid curing
  • Non-bleeding, non-exuding
  • Fuel and oil resistant
  • High tear strength
  • Compressible


  • Seal/bond housing components (CIPG, FIPG and preformed gaskets)
  • Protect electronic components by potting or encapsulating (incl. dam and fill)
  • Anti-locking systems
  • Engine control
  • Air-flow meters
  • Airbags

General Benefits:

  • Dissipate heat (thermal management) by providing a durable coupling between the heat source (electronic device) and the heat sink (active or passive cooling system)
  • Protect against moisture, oxidation, chemicals and vibration
  • Extend life and performance

Applications used for xEV Power Conversion:

  • Converters
  • Inverters
  • On-board chargers
  • Boosters
  • Inductive charging

Applications High-Voltage Conversion Unit:

  • Conformal coating (PCB protection)
  • Sealing of connector and housing
  • Selective (thixotropic) potting (power module / insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) protection)
  • Potting of sensitive electronics incl. dam and fill

Applications Low-Voltage Conversion Unit:

  • Thermally conductive gap filler, encapsulant, paste or adhesive
  • Sealing of connector and housing
  • Potting

Applications as insulating materials:

  • Dielectric strength typically > 20 kV/mm
  • Volume resistivity (IEC 60093) > 10 Ω·c