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Selantes de Silicones de alto desempenho

In an increasingly demanding world, silicone sealants have become vital components in construction, being used in facades, joints, glazing and wet areas. Because of their high efficiency, they have significant advantages compared to alternative technologies.

VINNAPAS® - Skim coat

Discover how VINNAPAS® can improve solutions for wall systems.

VINNAPAS® - Thermal insulation renders

Discover how VINNAPAS® can contribute to more comfortable and sustainable environments.

VINNAPAS® - Cementitious One-Component Waterproofing Membranes

Discover how VINNAPAS® can support you to develop the best waterproofing solutions.

VINNAPAS® - Self-Leveling compounds

Discover how VINNAPAS® can make complex formulations, simpler.

VINNAPAS® - Tile Adhesives

Discover how VINNAPAS® can improve performance and durability in Tile Adhesives.