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Silicone Sealants WACKER® Brand

Silicone sealants are used where a gap requires filling or a joint needs sealing. With their outstanding longevity, limited shrinkage and excellent ability to absorb movement, our silicone sealants are ideally suited for walls, floors, door frames and bathroom fixtures. WACKER offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance silicone sealants. WACKER® silicone sealants are available as ready-to-use cartridges. Each product is customized to a specific application, providing a cost-efficient yet durable solution.

WACKER’s general purpose silicone sealants were developed for applications such as sealing and bonding in the DIY and industrial sectors. A special sealant grade is available for applications requiring special mildew resistance. WACKER offers special sanitary sealants for use in bathrooms and other high-humidity environments. They feature excellent water resistance and are suitable for sealing transitions between different materials such as floor and wall, or wall and bath or washbasin.

WACKER silicone sealants for exterior applications were specially developed for windows, doors and glazing. They are compatible with many materials and feature high flexibility across a broad range of temperatures, as well as outstanding resistance to weathering and durability, also under extreme conditions.

These silicone sealants are designed for sealing material transitions, filling cracks, and indoor repairs. A special sealant is available for sealing natural substrates like marble, granite, sandstone or quartzite in indoor or sanitary applications.

WACKER offer a range of silicone sealants for special applications. In kitchens, especially those equipped with industrial ovens, sealants must withstand extreme temperatures and even open flames. As the same time, silicone sealants used in kitchens must fulfill strict food-contact standards.

Responding to the increasing importance of fire safety in the construction industry, WACKER has developed its own product range. WACKER’s fire-retardant silicone sealants were developed in accordance with industrial standards and meet specifications of fire department regulations around the world.

In interior finishing, mechanical fastening systems are increasingly being displaced by adhesives that must withstand high mechanical stress while ensuring strong adhesion to different substrates. Developed specifically for the construction industry, WACKER hybrid adhesives are suitable for bonding different materials and filling cracks in various substrates. They are spreadable, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Whatever your sealing needs, WACKER has the perfect solution. Our portfolio spans an enormous range of silicone sealants. All grades are easy to use and guarantee long-lasting and high quality results. One example is our special solution for constructing aquariums, which was developed in accordance with stringent industry-specific standards. It is suitable for bonds that need to achieve high strength quickly and withstand high mechanical loads.

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