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Egg-Free & Vegan Bakery

Free from Egg

Health- and sustainability-conscious consumers are driving the “free-from” trend by asking for egg-free alternatives. Numerous recent public health concerns, such as avian influenza and fipronil contamination, have also increased the importance of egg replacement. Moreover, egg is a costly ingredient with considerable supply and price fluctuations. Replacing egg can be very challenging, however, as it represents an essential, multi-functional component in many fine bakery products.

Here WACKER presents a solution for up to 100% egg replacement in ready-to-use powder mixes that still fulfill the quality and sensory expectations of consumers: CAVAMAX® W6. Made by enzymatic conversion of starch, CAVAMAX® W6 is produced in a patented process from renewable raw materials. The cyclic oligosaccharide consists of 6 glucose molecules.

Functionality of CAVAMAX® W6 in Fine Baked Goods

Egg has a major impact on fine baked goods, from the processability of the batter to the determination of quality parameters such as volume, texture, taste and shelf-life. Through its unique properties, CAVAMAX® W6 improves batter aeration and the stability of fat droplets and gas cells. The synergy of CAVAMAX® W6 with proteins stabilizes the texture and retains the moistness of the final baked good.

Pound Cake with CAVAMAX® W6

The combination of CAVAMAX® W6, protein and water can be used to completely replace egg in a traditional pound cake.

CAVAMAX® has convincing advantages:

  • Excellent structure-building properties
  • Plant-based: vegan, kosher & halal
  • Clean label (no E-number)
  • Free of all major allergens
  • Non-GMO grade available
  • Sustainability: based on renewable raw materials (starch)
  • Easy to formulate
  • Easy to process (powder mixes)

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