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Masonry Damp-Proofing

Solvent-free, silane/siloxane-based SILRES® BS products from WACKER are injected through boreholes straight into the masonry, where they react chemically to form a long-lasting horizontal waterproof barrier. This stops rising damp and any entrained harmful substances in their tracks, and so allows the masonry to dry out.

Masonry Injection for Horizontal Barriers

How a horizontal barrier with SILRES® BS works - the masonry above the horizontal chemical damp-proofing barrier (yellow) remains dry, even when moisture pushes up from below. In chemical damp-proofing, the active ingredient reacts with the building material’s silicate matrix to reduce the surface tension. This puts a stop to capillary water transport and the masonry dries out permanently.


  • Highly effective due to excellent penetration
  • Suitable for saturated masonry
  • Can be applied under pressure by injection (recommended) or by multistep injection without pressure
  • Tailored solution for every building site
  • WTA- and CSTC-certified


  • Ready to use
  • No need for elaborate preparation of masonry
  • WTA-certified
  • Excellent distribution in the mortar joint
  • Can be applied by pressure or gravity
  • Effective even at high saturation levels (up to 95%)