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City of the Future

Reaching Ever Greater Heights
On the Quality and Safety Front

Urbanization is moving forward at an unprecedented rate. Where are all the new city dwellers supposed to live? If we hope to avoid more urban sprawl, our cities will have to grow taller in the future.

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Shorter Construction Periods Using Less Concrete

More people than ever before will be moving to cities in the decades to come. But where will the vast sums of money come from for new roads, bridges and tunnels? Innovative technologies from WACKER make infrastructure projects more efficient by reducing construction time and saving resources.

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Building for Greater Sustainability; Lowering VOC Values

Digitalization means that even more of our lives will play out in enclosed spaces. Offices and homes will no longer be judged solely in terms of functionality and aesthetics – air quality will be a major factor too. So it’s good to know that you can already achieve massive reductions in emissions from paints and adhesives by using WACKER binders.

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More Effective Coatings; Maintaining an Attractive Look

What if exterior walls scarcely aged in the future? An architect’s dream has become reality – thanks to WACKER binders. Innovative coating systems make exterior walls weather resistant, dirt repellent and impact resistant. Exterior walls remain brightly colored for years.

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