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Construction Materials Perfect Floor Surfaces – Polymer Binders in Self-Leveling Floor Screeds

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This seminar offers an overview of different types of SLCs, the importance of polymer binders for SLCs, and mineral binder systems and their effects. We will also demonstrate how to formulate compounds correctly, discuss testing and share current market trends.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


Overview of different SLC types; raw materials and additives; polymer binders and their importance for SLCs; mineral binder systems and their effects (Portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, ettringite), binders, requirements and standards, practical work with SLCs (includes performing relevant test methods); current market trends.

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Seminar objectives

During this two-day intensive seminar, you will learn about the different types of self-leveling flooring compounds and the advantages of using polymer binders for this application. The course also provides information on current eco labels and European standards for floor screeds. We will demonstrate how to formulate compounds correctly and how to carry out comprehensive tests.

Target audience

Technical managers, R&D managers or engineers in need of basic knowledge in construction chemistry

Fee (includes value-added tax)

Charges applicable

Number of participants

5 - 15


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