Safety Is Our Number One Priority

What’s the best preparation for potential incidents? Detailed emergency response plans, regular drills, a highly qualified and professional Plant Fire Department and 24/7 rescue services!

Thanks to our comprehensive safety plan, the number of accidents at the Burghausen site is below average for the German chemical industry. However, operational malfunctions cannot always be prevented.

Protective clothing and masks

Your Safety Is Important to Us!

We have a broad range of measures in place to protect people in the town and surrounding areas and warn them of an incident in good time. As part of our crisis management system, damage limitation measures are immediately put into action and local residents are informed without delay if necessary.

Important Phone Numbers:

Neighborhood information service:
+49 8677 83-6111

Transport, Accident and Information System emergency hotline:
+49 8677 83-2222

Turbo extinguisher

Firefighting – Rescue – Recovery – Protection: Our Plant Fire Department Is Always There for You

For more than 100 years, our Plant Fire Department has been on duty around the clock working directly with emergency response authorities and neighboring public fire departments.

Good to know: our Plant Fire Department is a member of the German chemical industry's Transport, Accident and Information System (TUIS). This comprehensive, voluntary emergency response system for chemical accidents offers swift, professional and unbureaucratic assistance both in Germany and across Europe. Our WACKER Plant Fire Department’s team of experts is always in demand and was involved in just over 400 callouts in the past 10 years. This commitment marks our indispensable contribution to the German chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative.