The Alz Canal – WACKER’s Lifeline

Hydroelectric power: environmentally friendly, sustainable energy generation

Hydroelectric power served as the starting point for Wacker Chemie AG’s continuing success story and was the key factor in selecting the Burghausen site’s location.

The founding of Alzwerke GmbH in 1922 and the construction of the 17-kilometer Alz canal established the largest industrial hydroelectric power plant in Germany, supplying our recently founded company with electricity. And this remains the case to this day. The Alz canal has a range of functions that are essential for the Burghausen site: from the cooling-water supply and back-up electricity, to water drainage and generating electricity on-site. The canal is renovated regularly to ensure operational reliability. The Alz canal was last shut down in 2016.

Lecture on the Alz Canal

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