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Responsible Care®

Voluntarily doing more than required – WACKER’s commitment goes back to 1991

Responsible Care® is an international initiative of the chemical industry. Anyone who joins is committed to continually improving their environmental-protection, health and safety performance – voluntarily and far beyond what is legally required. Plus, the initiative strives to raise awareness of the chemical industry’s products among the general public and establish trust in the sector.

Safe Products and Production for People and the Environment – a Guiding Principle at WACKER

We promote sustainable development, practice product stewardship, maintain a high level of safety both on site and in the surrounding areas, foster a healthy workplace environment and improve environmental performance. Our sustainability report tells you all about how we meet these goals as part of our international projects.

Online sustainability report

We are so familiar with the Responsible Care® philosophy that many activities – for example relating to occupational safety and environmental protection – have become part of life at the company

The key principles:

  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental, health and safety standards of all sites, technologies and products, as well as the entire supply chain
  • Collaboration with governments and organizations in the development and global implementation of safety regulations and standards
  • Involvement of business partners in the responsible handling of chemicals; providing these partners with support

Responsible Care® – Chronology


The initiative was launched in Canada. The characteristic logo was created – two hands supporting a chemical compound.


  • Responsible Care® was launched in Germany, based on the sector’s “Chemistry and the Environment” guidelines dating back to 1986.
  • Signed on from the outset: WACKER commits to the Responsible Care® principles. We acknowledge substantial responsibility for products, occupational safety, transport safety, plant safety, emergency response, environmental protection, and transparency in communications.


  • The international chemical industry publishes its Responsible Care® Global Charter. The charter is based on experience, but also takes account of the new challenges facing the chemical industry in the 21st century.
  • WACKER was among the 100 largest international chemical companies to underscore its social responsibility by signing the “Declaration of Support” for the Global Charter.


A new version of the Responsible Care® Global Charter was launched by the international Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). Aspects that had proved their worth were improved on and new topics were incorporated.

Today, over 65 countries around the world are committed to Responsible Care® principles.