MEDTEC 2016: WACKER Presents Silicone Masterbatch Containing Contrast Medium

Shanghai, 26.10.2016

WACKER will present SILPURAN® AUX 8250 RO for the first time in China at MEDTEC 2016. This is a silicone masterbatch containing a barium sulfate contrast medium for formulating silicone compounds for radio-opaque tubes and catheters. Other highlights of the show include ELASTOSIL® R plus 4360 two-part silicone compounds for the manufacture of extruded articles, SILPURAN® 6700 self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber, as well as ELASTOSIL® R 385, a low modules, high elongation silicone rubber for manufacturing balloons for catheters. MEDTEC will take place in Shanghai, China, from October 26 to 28.

Katheter, Catheter
Silicone tubes show up on x-ray charts if a contrast medium has been incorporated into the silicone rubber compound. The new SILPURAN® AUX 8250 RO masterbatch simplifies incorporation of the contrast medium and allows producers to vary the dosage.

Silicone elastomers are often used in medical applications because of their flexibility and general compatibility. To ensure that tubes and catheters made from silicone always show up on x-ray charts, a contrast medium is incorporated into the silicone rubber. That is the only way to render the silicone rubber opaque to x-rays.

SILPURAN® AUX 8250 RO from WACKER serves as a silicone masterbatch and has a barium sulfate content of 75 percent. The latter is a powdery contrast medium, which is frequently used in radiology. Compounding consists in incorporating the masterbatch into the silicone material directly, without any additional processing stages. This approach offers numerous advantages. Because the contrast medium comes predispersed in silicone, SILPURAN® AUX 8250 RO makes mixing much easier: there is no troublesome powder to disperse. Furthermore, the high concentration of barium sulfate allows producers to easily vary the dosage of the active ingredient in the silicone rubber to meet their customers’ wishes.

SILPURAN® AUX 8250 RO has passed selected tests for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and US Pharmacopeia Class VI. It can be blended with virtually all heat-curing solid silicone rubbers and can be extruded into tubes and molded into parts.

During MEDTEC CHINA 2016, WACKER will also present several other silicone products for medical applications:

ELASTOSIL® R plus 4360 series are platinum catalysed addition-cured, two-part compounds. The vulcanizates show high elasticity and a comparatively good tear resistance. They are suitable for the manufacture of extruded articles.

SILPURAN® 6700 self-adhesive silicone rubbers are paste-like, easily-pigmentable two-component with a very short curing time and good mechanical and electrical properties. Their vulcanizates adhere to various thermoplasts and metals without using primers, and are particularly suitable for the production of large series of hard-soft material combinations for medical applications.

ELASTOSIL® R 385 silicone rubbers feature good transparency, excellent mechanical properties, low elastic modulus and high elongation. They are especially suitable mainly for balloons for catheters in medical applications.

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