China Adhesive 2016: WACKER Presents Binder for High-Performance D4 Wood Adhesives

Shanghai, 24.08.2016

At this year’s China Adhesive tradeshow, chemical group WACKER is presenting an innovative binder for wood adhesives that comply with the D4 industry standard. VINNOL® CEN 8752, a copolymer dispersion based on vinyl chloride and ethylene, offers increased water resistance and excellent adhesion to wood and other substrates. Since the binder also allows for stable adhesives films even at low temperatures, it is especially suited to applications in comparatively cold regions. With reduced formaldehyde content and no additional plasticizers, VINNOL® CEN 8752 enables the formulation of two-component D4 wood glues with excellent performance benefits and a low environmental impact. China Adhesive 2016 takes place in Guangzhou, China, from August 24 to 26.

The innovative VINNOL® CEN 8752 dispersion bonds exceptionally well to wood and offers increased water resistance, enabling the formulation of high-performance adhesives that meet the D4 industry standard.

The new VINNOL® CEN 8752 binder is an aqueous copolymer dis-persion based on vinyl chloride and ethylene. It adheres reliably and permanently to diverse wood substrates. Featuring D4 water re-sistance, the highest durability standard for industrial applications according to EN 204, adhesives formulated with VINNOL® CEN 8752 ensure increased water resistance, especially when used for exterior applications exposed to the weather. Compared with conventional binders on the market, VINNOL® CEN 8752 has a rather low glass transition temperature (Tg = 10 °C) and a substantially lower minimum film-forming temperature (MFFT = 5 °C). As a result, the binder performs reliably even in cold weather, which makes it ideal for applications in moderate and colder climates.

As further advantages, the dispersion is plasticizer-free and has a lower formaldehyde content than conventional self-crosslinking vinyl chloride copolymer dispersions. VINNOL® CEN 8752 is thus ideally suited as a binder for high-performance wood glues and adhesives, used in furniture, windows and doors, particularly in outdoor applications.

WACKER’s silane-terminated polymers of the GENIOSIL® XT line are both highly elastic, yet extremely tear resistant and display very good crack-bridging properties. Products formulated with GENIOSIL® XT have a broader adhesion spectrum than polyurethane-based systems, and do not contain any free iso-cyanates


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