PCIM Asia 2016: WACKER Presents Gap Filler for Electronics Applications and Heat-Resistant Gel in China

Shanghai, 23.06.2016

WACKER will showcase a new heat-conducting silicone-based gap filler material for the Chinese electronics industry at the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion electronics tradeshow (PCIM Asia). Available under the trade name SEMICOSIL® 961 TC, the silicone rubber is characterized by good flow and processing properties. Furthermore, wear of the mixing and metering equipment used in its application is low. It is ideal as an interface material for thermally connecting electronic circuits, ensuring effective heat management. Meanwhile, WACKER will also present SEMICOSIL® 915 HT, a silicone gel which is heat-resistant up to 210 degree Celsius. It is ideal for encapsulating power electronic modules. This year’s PCIM Asia will take place in Guangzhou, China, from June 28 to 30.


SEMICOSIL® 961 TC is a highly filled, two-part silicone rubber that cures at room temperature via a platinum-catalyzed addition reaction to form a soft silicone elastomer with a tacky surface. The cured rubber achieves a thermal conductivity of two watts per meter kelvin and, at the same time, is electrically insulating. Its shear-thinning property is adjusted so that the silicone rubber can easily be fed by machine and applied as a bead. Processors can achieve a high metering rate and very high dosing accuracy.


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