POLYVIOL® - Wacker Chemie AG


One of the chief reasons for using POLYVIOL® is that its constituent polymers make an outstanding carrier for fluorescent whitening agents. Because POLYVIOL® adheres so strongly to inorganic pigments, such as china clay and calcium carbonate, the fluorescent whitening agent applied to it is also immobilized and thus clings to the coated surface. Of all the water-soluble polymers used in paper-coating, such as sodium CMC, starch, synthetic co-binders, the No. 1 is polyvinyl alcohol – the key ingredient of our polymer solutions.

POLYVIOL® has been proving its worth in paper and board coating for years. POLYVIOL® solutions are used at companies that lack the facilities for dissolving PVOH but are unable or unwilling to forgo using it because they want to stay competitive.

The POLYVIOL® product portfolio exclusively contains specialty aqueous polymer solutions. WACKER does not offer any polyvinyl alcohols in solid (granular or powder) form.