GENIOPLAST® - Wacker Chemie AG


Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

GENIOPLAST® is a novel, silicone-based performance additive used in thermoplastics compounding in the plastics industry. It is supplied as handy pellets and, with its broad performance spectrum, can be used in all common production processes.

As a processing auxiliary, GENIOPLAST® saves costs by

  • preventing extruder drool,
  • reducing die pressure and extruder torque,
  • and improving melt flow, which cuts costs by enhancing the process.

As an additives GENIOPLAST® optimizes the compound by

  • increasing scratch and abrasion resistance,
  • reducing the friction coefficient,
  • and improving tactile properties.

One for all:

GENIOPLAST® is suitable for all thermoplastics.

GENIOPLAST® consists of a combination of high-viscosity silicone gum and a specially tailored silica. This chemical structure means that it is fully compatible with all thermoplastics. Thus, a single silicone additive can be used to enhance a huge variety of compounds. Important mechanical properties of the compound remain unaffected: hardness, heat resistance and tensile strength are unchanged. Other mechanical properties such as elongation at break and impact strength even exhibit improvements, especially in mineral-filled compounds.

It can also be used in food-contact applications.

GENIOPLAST® Pellet S is recommended for all technical applications. GENIOPLAST® Pellet P plus is particularly suitable for food-contact applications.