GENIOMER® - Wacker Chemie AG


makes the impossible possible

GENIOMER® from WACKER is a completely novel thermoplastic elastomer with an impressive range of properties that has never before been seen in either thermoplastics or silicones. GENIOMER®, a copolymer of polydimethylsiloxane and urea, combines the excellent processing properties of an organic thermoplastic with typical silicone properties.

GENIOMER® 's wide range of outstanding properties include excellent mechanical characteristics, even without fillers, and outstanding transparency, high UV stability, a long shelf life, excellent low-temperature elasticity, and hydrophobic properties. GENIOMER® can be processed by all standard techniques used for thermoplastics, and can be easily painted.

The functional characteristics of GENIOMER® open up new application potential in fields such as optics. GENIOMER® is also increasingly being used to optimize products and processes in the plastics processing sector.

Our experts will be pleased to discuss with you how GENIOMER® , with its wide range of beneficial properties, can unleash potential in your industry.