DENSETEC® - Wacker Chemie AG


DENSETEC® is the trade name of a highly effective high-cell-density fermentation of E. coli, developed by WACKER and based on proprietary know-how.

With the DENSETEC® high-cell-density fermentation method, WACKER has developed processes with yields of up to 400 g wet biomass/liter. Furthermore, these robust fermentation processes can be validated and ensure high, reproducible yields. The DENSETEC® high-cell-density fermentation has already yieled more than 10 g/l of active product.

Combining the DENSETEC® high-cell-density fermentation with the ESETEC® E. coli secretion technology accelerates process development and simplifies the purification procedure – and therewith ensures the efficient and cost-effective manufacture of pharma proteins.

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