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L-cysteine from WACKER is ideal as a raw material for process flavorings and is mainly used for meat flavors. Non-human, non-animal in origin since it is a made biotechnologically, in a fermentation process; the products can therefore be used freely in vegetarian, kosher and halal foods.

CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins from WACKER are ring-shaped sugar molecules having a lipophilic (fat-loving) cavity in their interior. On the outside, by contrast, they are hydrophilic (water-loving). Cyclodextrins therefore readily absorb substances that are not water soluble, such as volatile lipophilic constituents of flavorings. Cyclodextrins act as transport containers for such substances, protecting them against evaporation and sublimation while also preserving the desirable properties of the included molecule.

However, CAVAMAX® cyclodextrins are not only used for protection of flavorings, but also for masking unpleasant-tasting aromas or undesirable odors that accompany food additives. For example, bitter-tasting plant extracts such as green-tea extract can be formulated with cyclodextrins so that no unpleasant odor or tastes are noticeable when they are added to foods.


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Kosher / halal / vegetarian
Loss on drying
CAVAMAX® W6 FOOD CyclodextrinsNative cyclodextrin
CAVAMAX® W7 FOOD CyclodextrinsNative cyclodextrin
CAVAMAX® W8 CURCUMIN CyclodextrinsNative cyclodextrinmax. 14 %
CAVAMAX® W8 FOOD CyclodextrinsNative cyclodextrin
L-Cysteine Free Base CysteinesNon-human / non-animal originYes
L-Cysteine hydrochloride anhydrous CysteinesNon-human / non-animal originYes
L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydr. Food CysteinesNon-human / non-animal originYes
L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate 20m CysteinesNon-human / non-animal originYes
L-Cystine CysteinesNon-human / non-animal originYesmax. 0.2 %