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Fresh As the Day It Was Harvested – Luscious Fruit Thanks to Cyclodextrins

May 06, 2009

Can apples remain crisp, mangoes juicy and kiwis firm – even after months in storage or weeks in transit? They certainly can. One small molecule is all it takes to temporarily suppress ethyl-ene, a messenger molecule in plants that promotes the ripening and decay processes. WACKER manufactures the cyclodextrins – composed of glucose units – used to package this volatile substance and then release it gradually as needed, in exactly the right dose.


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  • Apple


    So that apples stay crisp and fresh over the winter, glucose-based cyclodextrins from WACKER package the ethylene blocker, 1-MCP, in an inner cavity and release it as needed. In this way, ethylene, which triggers ripening and decay, can be suppressed for a period of time.

  • Corn Field

    Corn Field

    Cyclodextrins are natural degradation products of starch, and are produced by WACKER using biotechnological means, e.g. from corn.

  • Cyclodextrin Model

    Cyclodextrin Model

    Cyclodextrins are composed of glucose units grouped in the shape of a truncated ice-cream cone. A guest molecule can enter the space inside this cone, which provides protection from light, heat or oxygen. In the presence of water, the guest is released again, chemically unchanged.

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