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Press gallery

WACKER provides you with free photos/films for editorial purposes. We kindly ask you to send us a screenshot or a copy of the printed publication. You’ll find photos concerning the Group, as well as its products and applications. Click the desired category to receive an overview with thumbnails. You can then order the photos/films you need via e-mail.



    Precision silicone film: ELASTOSIL® Film from the Munich-based chemical group WACKER is thinner than human hair. Manufactured under cleanroom conditions, the film has excellent dielectric properties.

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    Peel strength test VINNAPAS®

    Peel strength test: The VAE dispersions VINNAPAS® EP6300 and VINNAPAS® EP7000 enable the formulation of high-performance, water-based adhesives without using alkylphenol ethoxylates (photo: Wacker Chemie AG).

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    GENIOSIL® W180

    The one-component, solvent-free GENIOSIL® WP liquid waterproofing membranes are ideal for waterproofing flat roofs, balconies and terraces (photo: Wacker Chemie AG).

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    Coconut milk powder

    CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-cyclodextrin can be used to replace sodium caseinate in coconut milk powders, thereby obtaining a stable and creamy-milky product after addition of water – without animal emulsifiers

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    Antifoam agents

    Silicone emulsions are also used as antifoam agents in detergents or in the petrochemicals industry.

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