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WACKER provides you with free photos/films for editorial purposes. We kindly ask you to send us a screenshot or a copy of the printed publication. You’ll find photos concerning the Group, as well as its products and applications. Click the desired category to receive an overview with thumbnails. You can then order the photos/films you need via e-mail.


    WETSOFT® NE 750

    The new softener WETSOFT® NE 750 is ideal for primary finishing of towels and high-quality materials. The treatment yields textiles that are full and soft yet absorbent. The hydrophilic fabric softener is available as a water-free concentrate with a high solids content.

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    The heat-conducting SEMICOSIL® 961 TC silicone filler from WACKER is applied directly to the heat sink. Once the electrical circuit is pressed on, the gap filler cures to form a soft, cushioning silicone layer that optimally transfers heat to the heat sink.

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    Test at WACKER’s outdoor weathering station in Dubai

    The new PRIMIS® AF 1000 for exterior applications is tested under real climatic conditions at WACKER’s outdoor weathering station in Dubai. In paint formulations, the new binder yields long-lasting, brilliant colors and leaves facades highly resistant to the elements.

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    LUMISIL® 590

    At the K 2016 Trade Fair for Rubber and Plastics, WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, will present LUMISIL® 590 und LUMISIL® 591, two highly transparent LED encapsulants. They have a refractive index of 1.53 which boosts the efficiency of the lighting unit. They also protect the LED chip from damage and corrosive gases which prolongs its service life.

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    VINNAPAS® dispersions

    The new VAE-based dispersion VINNAPAS® EF8181 allows for the for-mulation of high-quality low-emission and low-odor interior paints.

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