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Liquid Filtration

Filtration media used to filter water and food needs to meet the highest quality requirements in the industry. This is both from a food regulation and ecological factor perspective. VINNAPAS® and VINNOL® dispersions are used to ensure excellent performance properties for filtration products such as stiffness and burst strenght. The VINNOL® dispersions are heat sealable and high-frequency weldable, and provide additional value in filter converting.


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Products Application
Product Group
Solid constituentViscosity, dynamic
VINNOL® 4514 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 150 mPa.s
VINNOL® 4500 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 150 mPa.s
VINNOL® 4530 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 500 mPa.s
VINNOL® CE 35 Liquid FiltrationDispersions49 - 51 %20 - 80 mPa.s