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Air Filtration

Air Filters are needed in numerous applications like air conditioning, vacuum cleaner bags, industrial and automotive cabin filters.

With VINNAPAS® and VINNOL® dispersions you get the advantage of increased product efficiency. In automotive and heavy duty applications our products increase high bending stiffness and burst strength and guarantee long service intervals. VINNOL® grades additionally provide flame retardancy. In air conditioning and vacuum cleaner bags our dispersions optimize the cleanliness of homes and cabin compartments. The hydrophobic properties of our products offer the best solution for the active disposition of particles in passenger car air cabin filters.


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Products Application
Product Group
Solid constituentViscosity, dynamic
VINNOL® 4514 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 150 mPa.s
VINNOL® 4500 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 150 mPa.s
VINNOL® 4530 Vinyl Chloride Co- & Terpolymers49 - 51 %25 - 500 mPa.s
VINNOL® CE 35 Air FiltrationDispersions49 - 51 %20 - 80 mPa.s
VINNOL® CEN 2752 Air FiltrationDispersions49 - 51 %50 - 350 mPa.s
VINNOL® CF 70 Dispersions49 - 51 %10 - 90 mPa.s