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Packaging Coatings

To qualify for use in the packaging coatings industry, the products used must satisfy high demands. These include not only good adhesion to various substrates, such as metals and plastics, but also high chemical resistance, and thermoactivation at different temperatures. Specific PIOLOFORM® products from WACKER are the ideal choice for use in numerous segments of the packaging coatings industry, where they meet various requirements.


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VINNOL® E 15/48 A Rigid PackagingVinyl Chloride Co- & TerpolymersSuitable for food packaging; Chemical resistance; Pigment wetting; Gloss and color intensity; Flexibility; Adhesion50 - 70 mPa*s
VINNOL® E 22/48 A Rigid PackagingVinyl Chloride Co- & TerpolymersChemical resistance; Adhesion; Flexibility; Pigment wetting; Suitable for food packaging; Gloss and color intensity38 - 52 mPa*s